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Native Born and Foreign Born Attitudes towards Receptivity and Conformity: The Canadian Case

With S. White in G. Freeman, R. Hansen and D. Leal (eds.), Immigration and Public Opinion in the Western Democracies, Routledge Press. 2013. 307-334.

Citizen Expectations and Democratic Performance: The Sources and Consequences of Democratic Deficits from the Bottom Up

With S. White in R. Simeon and P. Lenard (eds.), Imperfect Democracies: The Democratic Deficit in Canada and the United States, UBC Press. 2012. 51-76.

Leaders Effects and the Impact of Leader Characteristics in Nine Countries

With R. Nadeau in Kees Aarts, Andre Blais and Hermann Schmitt (eds.), Political Leaders & Democratic Elections, Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2011. 108-146

Socio-economic Status and Non-voting: A Cross-National Comparative Analysis

With A. Blais, E. Gidengil and R. Nadeau in Hans-Dieter Klingemann (ed.), The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009: 85-108.

Policy Disagreement in Advanced Industrial States: The Content and Structure of Left-Right Orientations

With C. Cochrane in Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Yilmaz Esmer and Bi Puranen (eds.), Religion, Democratic Values and Political Conflict. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, 2009: 119-145.

Patterns of Party Identification in Canada

With J. Everitt, E. Gidengil and P. Fournier) in H. McIvor (ed.), Elections. Edmond Montgomery Publications, 2009: 269-284.


With E. Gidengil, R. Nadeau and A. Blais in Bill Cross (ed.), The Canadian Democratic Audit, Vancouver: UBC Press. 2009: 107-135.

Cleavages, Value Gaps and Regime Support: Evidence from Canada and 26 Other Societies

Neil Nevitte and Mebs Kanji (2008).  In R. Inglehart, T. Pettersson and Y. Esmer (eds.), Changing Values, Persisting Cultures: Comparative Findings from the World Values Surveys. Leiden: Brill Academic, 2008: 45-73.   Canada, along with such countries as the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, is usually identified as being among that small cluster of states […]

Délibération et changement d’opinion lors d’un sondage

With P. Fournier, M. Turgeon, A. Blais, E. Gidengil and J. Everitt in Yves Tillé (ed.), Méthodes de sondage : applications aux enquêtes longitudinales, à la santé, aux enquêtes électorales et aux enquêtes dans les pays en développement Proceedings of the Colloquium, Paris: Dunod, 2008: 147-52.

Value Change in Europe and North America: Convergence or Something Else?

With C. Cochrane and S. White in J. Kopstein and S. Steimo (eds.), Growing Apart? Europe and North America. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007: 53-79.