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The Context and Construction of Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

With C. Cochrane. Paper 22nd World Congress of Political Science of the International Political Science Association, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, July 8-12, 2012.

The Strange Disappearance of Civil Permissiveness: A Case of Canadian Exceptionalism

With N. Ruderman. Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 12-15, 2012.

Party Identification in Canada: Resilience under Duress

With E. Gidengil. Paper presented at the Duty and Choice: Participation Preferences in Democratic Elections Workshop, University of Montreal, Montreal, QC, January 20-21, 2012.

Immigrants, Integration, and the Rule of Law

With N. Ruderman. Paper presented at the Political Integration of Immigrants in a Comparative Perspective Workshop, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, November 18-19, 2011.

Support for Minority Government: Three Tests

Yannick Dufresne (University of Toronto), Neil Nevitte (University of Toronto), André Blais (Université de Montréal) Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association National Conference , Chicago, IL, April 1, 2011. Conventional wisdom has it that first-past-the-post electoral rules usually produce legislative majorities. But minority governments appear to be an increasingly common electoral outcome even in […]

The Decline of Deference Revisited: Evidence after 25 Years

Neil Nevitte Presented at “Mapping and Tracking Global Value Change: A Festschrift Conference for Ronald Inglehart,” University of California, Irvine, March 11 2011. The Decline of Deference made the case that people learn authority orientations in the family and generalize those orientations towards other domains such as the workplace and the polity. Further, these outlooks […]

Value Change and Integration: The Case of North America

Neil Nevitte.  Presented at the conference on Open Markets, Segmented Identity, Contested Legitimacy? Comparing Regional Integration in Europe and North America on November 5, 2010 at Carleton University, Ottawa Download Slides: Value Change and Integration – The Case of North America

Global Tech, Local Effect? A Comparative Analysis of Internet Use and Democratic Attitudes

Wayne Chu and Neil Nevitte (2010).  Paper presented at the annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 21-23, 2010. Is the Internet “good” for democracy?  There is little systematic evidence of the impact of Internet use on democratic attitudes across different political settings.  Relying on cross-national evidence from the World Values […]

Networking Democracy: The Cross-National Evidence on Internet Use and Political Participation

By Wayne Chu and Neil Nevitte (2009). Paper presented at the 21st World congress of Political Science of the IPSA, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, July 13-17, 2009. Most studies show that Internet users are generally thought to be more engaged in the political process.  Findings from the 2005 wave of the World Values Surveys, […]

Globalization and Support for Domestic Political Institutions: The Individual and Aggregate Level Cross-National Findings

Stephen White and Neil Nevitte Department of Political Science University of Toronto, Canada Presented at the World Values Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, September 19-22, 2008 (Download) The internationalization of the economy is often seen as a potential threat to public confidence in domestic political institutions. Some suggest that economic openness drives down confidence in state institutions […]