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Haiti’s Electoral Environment: 2015. A Report by OCID

2015. OCID, a non-partisan coalition of three important domestic ngo’s, plans to undertake a systematic observation of the upcoming elections in Haiti. With that goal in mind OCID deployed its entire national observer network to mount a systematic assessment of the election environment. 1,463 observers were randomly distributed in 730 pairs through the country between […]

Myanmar’s Electoral Environment: Results From the 2015 PACE Survey

2015. The People’s Alliance for Credible Elections (PACE) is a non-partisan civil society organization that launched a domestic election observation of Myanmar’s elections. In May 2015, PACE mobilized its national network of trained volunteers to undertake a systematic assessment of Myanmar’s electoral environment. This report summarizes some of the main findings from the interviews conducted […]

Auditoría del Padrón Electoral 2015

With Rafael Landivar University, 2015.

Evaluación Técnica del Registro Central de las Personas 2015

With Rafael Landivar University, 2015

Democracy at the Crossroads: The Results of the 2013 Maldives Democracy Survey

With Transparency Maldives, 2013. Transparency Maldives conducted a nationwide random survey of the Maldivian public in August 2013. The survey used repeatedly tested survey questions and the results are reliable within a margin of error of +?? 3.0%. That project was grounded in the conviction that the successful performance of democratic institutions requires a complementary set of supporting democratic values. The […]

Not So Clean: The Nicaraguan Voter List

Washington, DC: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, April 2011: 87.

Democratic Deficits: The Honduras Benchmark Survey Report

Washington, DC: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, April 2011: 87.

An Audit of the Guatemala Voter Registry

With J. Cruz, FLACSO, Guatemala City. Washington, DC: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, January 2011: 67.

Barriers to Participation: The Results of the Flacso 2007 Guatemala Survey

By Neil Nevitte, Jose Cruz, and Melissa Estok With the assistance of Michael Painter-Main Download a draft of the report This project aims to provide systematic information about the electoral environment in Guatemala immediately prior to the 2007 Presidential elections. The central question driving the project is: Do specific segments of the Guatemalan population face […]

Barriers to Participation: The Marginalization of Guatemalan Voters

By Neil Nevitte Download the Full Report Download the Survey Questionnaire Scholars using case studies have produced a number of useful insights into Guatemala’s political dynamics. From time to time there are opportunities to use other research strategies that make it possible to explore these dynamics from a somewhat different vantage point. In September 2007, […]