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Earning their support: Feelings Towards Canada Among Recent Immigrants

With S. White and A. Bilodeau. Ethnic and Racial Studies 38:2 (2013): 292-308. This article examines the factors that lie behind Canada’s success at earning the support of its newcomers. It examines the extent to which feelings towards Canada are grounded in immigrants’ experiences in the host country, predispositions inherited from their lives prior to migration, […]

Democracy at the Crossroads: The Results of the 2013 Maldives Democracy Survey

With Transparency Maldives, 2013. Transparency Maldives conducted a nationwide random survey of the Maldivian public in August 2013. The survey used repeatedly tested survey questions and the results are reliable within a margin of error of +?? 3.0%. That project was grounded in the conviction that the successful performance of democratic institutions requires a complementary set of supporting democratic values. The […]

Native Born and Foreign Born Attitudes towards Receptivity and Conformity: The Canadian Case

With S. White in G. Freeman, R. Hansen and D. Leal (eds.), Immigration and Public Opinion in the Western Democracies, Routledge Press. 2013. 307-334.