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Haiti’s Electoral Environment: 2015. A Report by OCID

2015. OCID, a non-partisan coalition of three important domestic ngo’s, plans to undertake a systematic observation of the upcoming elections in Haiti. With that goal in mind OCID deployed its entire national observer network to mount a systematic assessment of the election environment. 1,463 observers were randomly distributed in 730 pairs through the country between […]

Myanmar’s Electoral Environment: Results From the 2015 PACE Survey

2015. The People’s Alliance for Credible Elections (PACE) is a non-partisan civil society organization that launched a domestic election observation of Myanmar’s elections. In May 2015, PACE mobilized its national network of trained volunteers to undertake a systematic assessment of Myanmar’s electoral environment. This report summarizes some of the main findings from the interviews conducted […]

Auditoría del Padrón Electoral 2015

With Rafael Landivar University, 2015.

Evaluación Técnica del Registro Central de las Personas 2015

With Rafael Landivar University, 2015